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New Silverchair album, November 2006. International release, Early 2007.

Nuff said.

A song born in Winter.


I think my test went better then I expected *glee* O_O I suprise myself! I really do. Not bad for not even studying at all. Well I did... This morning. At a relaxed pace to find that I knew most of what would be on the test. Well... Of course I forgot things, but yeah. I did a lot better than I thought I would.

And I've got my Yukata halfway sewn up. Shoulders and sleeves, then I just need to overlock all the edges and get the neck on and and and I'll have it. ;-;! I'm not sure I gave myself enough material for it. Well If things are screwy, I still have the patterns I can fix and make a new one since I know what to do now.

So today has been nice. A lot nicer than yesterday and I don't feel like crying anymore.

The boy smiled at me. I think I nearly fainted. (Not really but it makes things dramatic. ;D)

And so I prepare for a weekend of getting all my Art assignments at least halfway finished to appease the Margot-demon (I love her really) before my Reports are written. O_O e_e They'll be bad. I know it. Could be okay but isn't trying hard enough =O!

Hmm. But for now. I have a Friday night free with Jack all to do. e_e;;;

WAIT I LIES. >O!!!!! ^O^ I'ma gunna go write this story before it leaves my head. Yey. *dansu*

Loves you guys. ♥


Okay. I'm serious this time. Please? I've just finished writing and it's three pages long, so still, it's not much.

Would someone please read over my fic and tell me what you think. I'm a bit nervous with this one and it would make me really happy to get peoples opinions before I post it and embarass myself.



;_; Would someone do me a huge huge huuuuuuuuuge favour and read over the one-shot I'm writing? It's just on three pages so it's not much. Uruha x Ruki.

Just need to know if it does actually make sense and I'm just not dribbling on about crap no-one wants to read.

Mm. Please? ;;/


Would someone be willing to code up a layout I've made?

I've been trying to do it myself but I just can't get it. ;_;

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;_; Please? I'll do anything! ;_______________;!!!

Jul. 23rd, 2006

o_o My sister just came home with either side of her head shaved down to her scalp.

o_O And she's got the mohawk in the middle which is red.

o_o My sister is wonderful.

XD She looks soooo cute *gigglesquee*




My MP3 List. Part 1

Feel free to request. Just be reasonable?

Looking for Kagerou, The Smashing Pumpkins and The Mars Volta.

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