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The lost design for a beautiful mine

Cage confined.

10 May 1988
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I'm Chandra (More often known a Pon or Ponerz // THANKS KIIERZ), and I'm 18. I live in Hobart, Tasmania. It's alright, it's quiet and makes it hard to get all the Japanese things I want. I'm completely in love with Music, SID, Art, Photography, Theater, Japan and Polar Bears.

This is a friends only journal, I write alot (read A LOT) about my daily life, all the things running through my head, roleplay, writing, boys I like, music, things I like, Art, my opinion and everything in general.

If you don't like the thought of your Friends page spammed (I think the most I've ever posted in one day is SIX times), I also don't comment well, I'm getting better at it but if you expect me to comment at every entry then cut me when I might not, I fangirl too sometimes all the time, so if you don't like those kinds of things, we might not get along. Err... I ramble. :D ♥

My userinfo features Akiya.

I adopted Ai Otsuka with ryosuke
[We have 12 children and a harem of many :D]

We're also married... I married ryosuke at marry_a_ljuser.

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"Warning. reading this journal may result in alcohol dependancy, glass breakage and overall depression. ......You have been warned...." - Trent.

"What did we do to looose it's love? ;______; We had to have done something~~ Maybe it thinks we cheated on it with the send button. o_o;;" - Tanya

"We'll be sitting there one day and be like "dude... saitoh was nothing like this..." "yea... i relize where we went wrong with that now..." "this sucks..." "yup" XD" - Yoshiko

Candy Daydreams (3:41:36 PM):I was like "Pompom has Mao porn? What?"
Candy Daydreams (3:42:06 PM): And it like. Didn't seem out of the ordinary for some reason.

More coming as I find em. :D!


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